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Nne nne u may be very correct about this immeri . My friend in Lagos who owns a luxury shop , married to money and you may think that she wouldn’t do mlm, she has been on this immeri oo . I asked her why she said it saved her and family from Coro . She didn’t give me details shaa

Vaginne testimony: I have had these moles on my vulva for so many years. It is not easy to discuss it with anyone? No! Not even your doctor. I’ve heard men abuse estranged women lovers of growing teeths on their vulvas and I wondered as a child what it meant. But now it all came back to me as an older woman. The good story is that I used vaginne as a test and found out by the second tube that something was happening. To cut a long story short I have altogether used one pack of six and the moles have melted away. I’m very excited 😆 and wanted to share. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏾🙏🏾🌹🌹🎈🎈

My 78 years old mum is feeling like a young lady o.. she started vtide a few days ago, now she wakes up freely without body pains and sleeps so well now. Vtide is the ultimate 💃💃💃

I am married to a young handsome man and living in a campus dominated area of Lagos with porka dots of female hostels around my neighbourhood. With the onset of menopause, My Libido disappeared. Along came other menopause related symptoms that are not in tandem with blissful intercourse.
My quest for solution to the menopause induced lack of sexual drive landed me into this product and my husband don dey follow me about like he goat🤣🤣🤣.

My marriage suffered sexually and I was always ‘working’ late into the night to sneak in to bed inorder to avoid any form of sexual intercourse until there was a midnight meeting that made me look for help as i could feel mr. Satan sniffing at my door post. I consulted my pharmacist friend and she prescribed and prescribed to no avail.

God brought someone to me with this Vaginne product and ever since, testimony has not ceased in my lips. I am in a much better state down there than when i married my husband. Gone were the dryness that made me impenetrable, the unending painful sex and most importantly, my libido came back. Infact, i was restored to my virgin state! Ready, willing and able😍

My darlyn husband couldnt hide his excitement one night as he asked if i had done a kinda surgery in my Eden. I smiled and showed him the vaginne stick.
The honeymoon just beganI always paused and wondered if the owners of this wonderful miracle gel knows the worth of their innovation! Is the price of vaginne a true reflection of the worth of this product?

What is the price for those lonely nights I was awake in my office pretending to be working because i was running away from my marital obligations due to painful intercourse?

The different hospital visitations with clinical deep invasion tests, multiple use of antibiotics and suppositories, financial burdens and drains to the family purse and vaginal atrophy and wearing down of my vaginal walls from the different medications? Is there any price that I can ascribe to this divine medical saviour? Yes! Vaginne is priceless to me. No price tag.

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