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This Page Is Not The Official Page Of Immeri Global. Our Team Is Solely Dedicated To Teach Aspiring Entrepreneurs How To Make Money And Achieve Good Health As A Distributor With IMMERI INTERNATIONAL

Welcome to Diacryst network – a network of online and digital marketing experts, passionate and deliberate about success, using tried and tested direct sales marketing strategies to achieve unmistakable positive results.

The world has become a community. Diacryst Network consists of a team of entrepreneurs who are using the best of digital marketing strategies, to produce a team of happy and more financially empowered entrepreneurs.


I Am A digital marketing expert and Entrepreneur, With Over 14 Years’ Vast Experience In The Financial Industry.
I Am so passionate about Digital Marketing, that I created this Platform To reach out to many more people who are Interested in Making Money Through Direct Sales / affiliate Marketing, but do not know how best to achieve their goals.

You can’t exchange time for money all your life. It won’t just work that way. A time will come when you will no longer have the energy to do what you used to do.
What happens if you get incapacitated even before you really get old, many things can change in a twinkle of an eye.
You need to start thinking of alternatives.
Immeri rewards their distributors just for buying, using and distributing our well sought after, green products and also gives them opportunity to earn more money, through our unique compensation plan. Join my team today, and learn how to use the best online marketing strategies to boost sales.

IMMERI and I ….. are great partners!!!!

Partner with us today and become one of the numerous Immeri success stories.

Facts about and why you should join IMMERI.

1. The products are fantastic! The technology behind it is amazingly timely! In this covid-19, we all need regular intake of Adwelle and Vitide.

2. The compensation plan is out of this world! It encourages team work so there’s no magomago!

3. IMMERI in Nigeria turned 1 year in April! It’s a perfect time to join any solid network marketing structure. Early entrants enjoy the activity.

4. IMMERI products are all NAFDAC approved in Nigeria!

5. Financial freedom cannot be priced! The freedom to determine the outcome and Value of the energy you expend! Truly liberating!

6. What better gift can you give a other individual? Than the option to live well and earn well.

If you are still on this table of non-registered members and I haven’t shaken you off…. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Immeri Business Opportunity

Immeri International- a registered direct selling multi- national company with Head office in Mende, Maryland Lagos.

Become An Accredited Distributor

Just one-time registration fees is required. This registration fees is used to pick products to the value of your Money

There are no targets, compulsory buying- you are only required to get new distributors to join Immeri Business opportunity

Get real time payment of bonuses

Get Instant Payment of ALL accrued bonuses for your referrals. Please note that ALL payments are paid into your e-wallet account